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C.G.G. Monaco


C.G.G. designs and realizes new constructions and renovations of already existing buildings starting from the method of the project, through the realization of the works to finish with the decorations.

The CGG consists of a team of architects and construction engineers specialized in planning, development and fulfilment of a prestigious buildings, elegant residences and functional public spaces. The experience of the CGG is extensive, covering residential, urban, business, leisure, education, health and sport sectors.

The CGG’s architecture is driven by the pursuit of quality and an unmistakable Italian style.
The CGG is recognized worldwide for carrying out elegant and refined projects supported by new technologies.

The CGG renovates, develops and modernizes buildings with a particular attention at restoration work. The scrupulous planning of the architects of CGG, the frequent controls of its engineers and the continuous search of a new technologies- it guarantees the success in bringing the buildings up to the high specification standards demanded in today’s market.

The CGG is a firm of General Contractor, which makes projects and achieve ‘key in hand’ the prestigious residences, hotels, offices – commercial, educational and university buildings – leisure, retail and museums in Monaco and abroad. The company conjugates the use of new technologies with a traditional approach to a client and completeness of work – from the planning until the final achievement. The CGG makes use of the big experience of the architects Grassi and their professional staff’s members. This philosophy of integrity, responsibility and quality has let CGG company become an estimated company.

The CGG has experience of a wide range of buildings types from residential and commercial buildings to arts and performance spaces, educational and university buildings, leisure and retail.

The company has a track record extending back more than 25 years, a record of integrity, expertise and customer satisfaction. Its commitment to this is proven by the fact that returning clients account for a big part of CGG’s business every year. Our clients value the relationship that CGG builds with them and recognize its commitment to quality, budget and schedule.
The CGG’s client list is diverse, including government organizations, national institutes, universities, leading commercial property developers and real estate owners.


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“The quality first of all”

Cristiano Grassi • Founder

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